Backflow Preventer Installation in Peel

Need Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing Services?

In the busy area of GTHA, making sure that your commercial building’s water source is safe is very important. An effective way to do this is to put in a backflow preventer. This piece will go into detail about the Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing. It will give you helpful information and discuss the problems people in GTA face.

Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow preventers are an important safety measure because they stop polluted water from flowing backward into the main water supply. These safety steps are needed in Ontario, where suburban and urban areas coexist. Let’s look at why it’s useful for property owners to use a backflow preventer.

TAS Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured company in Ontario specializing in the installation, testing, and maintenance of backflow prevention systems.

A backflow prevention installation is required for commercial businesses across Ontario. Business owners are receiving letters from their local municipalities informing them of the requirement.

All owners of industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-family properties must install the system as part of the Safe Drinking Water Act. As a result, the municipality’s water supply is no longer contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Business owners must test their backflow prevention devices annually if they already own one. Backflow Preventer Testing can only be performed by a certified Cross Connection Control Specialist. The technician uses test equipment designed specifically to test backflow preventers.

The equipment must be calibrated each year to ensure safety and legal compliance. Every year, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) performs a 5-point verification and a pressure test on the equipment. The whole process is public and traceable.

Install a Backflow Preventer to Avoid Contamination

Adding a backflow preventer to private water systems keeps the normal flow. It works by controlling the flow going from the public supply into the private supply and stopping chemicals, pollutants, harmful substances, and other things from going backward and getting into the public water supply system.

What is backflow?

Backflow is the reverse flow of water in a plumbing system. Water flows backward from a private water supply line into a public one. This is called backflow. This could happen because of back siphonage or back pressure.


There’s this kind of pressure when the customer’s side of the water link is stronger than the city’s water supply system. The water moves from the customer’s connection to the main water supply system because of the change in pressure between high and low.

Back siphonage

When there is a significant drop in pressure in the main water lines, water can be pulled back into the system from a close connection. If the water in the nearby system is dirty, it gets into the water source for a large area. This sudden pressure drop can happen when a water main breaks and a lot of water is removed from the system or when fire hydrants are used to put out fires.

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Backflow Preventer Repair in Toronto, Entire GTHA and Niagara

Benefits of Regular Backflow Preventer Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the optimal performance of your backflow preventer, extending its lifespan and saving you money in the long run. Investing in preventive efforts is a small price compared to the potential fallout of neglect.

Common Misconceptions About Backflow Preventer Maintenance

Dispelling common myths, such as the belief that it’s a one-time job or that small methods don’t need maintenance, is vital for promoting a culture of responsibility among commercial property owners.

Future Trends in Backflow Prevention

As technology advances, so does backflow prevention. Smart backflow preventers and sustainable techniques are on the horizon, promising a future where water safety is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

We are fully qualified and certified to help you with all your backflow preventer needs in the Toronto, Entire GTHA and Niagara areas.

Why do I need to stop backflow?

Stopping backflow is very important for keeping the community’s water supply clean. The previous part discussed how backflow usually makes clean and dirty water mix. 

Pollutants like feces, chemicals, heavy metals, germs, and other things that can be harmful are found in contaminated water. No one wants these things in their water.

We’ve worked with the City of Toronto, Entire GTHA, Niagara and other places for many years. 

Contact us to learn more about backflow device permits and how to avoid making mistakes that cost a lot of money when putting in a backflow device.

Protect Water Quality: The Importance of Backflow Valves

Sprinkler systems and irrigation pipes are two of the most common ways backflow valves are used. If you have a sprinkler backflow preventer, the water from the sprinkler system will not get into the drinkable water. 


In the same way, an irrigation backflow preventer stops water from an irrigation system from backing up into the main water lines and contaminating them.

Contact us directly to learn more about our backflow preventer installation services. If your backflow prevention device leaks, call TAS Plumbing to fix it or get a new one. We have the proper licenses to find and fix various backflow device issues.


Backflow Preventer Installation in Ontario is an excellent way to protect your commercial building’s water supply. You can help build a robust water infrastructure by learning how to install it, how to fix it, and the problems in your place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A backflow preventer stops dirty water from flowing backward into the main water supply. This keeps your water clean.

At the same time, homeowners and professionals who do inspections and repairs can do the necessary upkeep tasks to stop backflow.

Regular checks should be done once a year to find and fix any problems quickly.

Yes, backflow preventers must be serviced regularly to ensure they keep working and fix any problems that might arise quickly.

Professionals can place backflow preventers to fit the needs of your property and environment, ensuring you get a solution that works for you.