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There are many non-professional plumbers in Leslieville, and it’s up to you to separate them from the best ones. One of the more effective ways to find a reputable Leslieville plumber is to ask friends or people you work with for recommendations. Being an expert plumber isn’t enough if the project takes hours to finish. Find someone who can do excellent work quickly and satisfactorily.


You don’t want an unqualified plumber in Leslieville to do something wrong, break a tap, and flood your house. So always find the most qualified Leslieville plumber you can afford. Before hiring a plumber in Leslieville, check their reputation. It’s essential to know how successfully your plumber can do the job.


At TAS Plumbing, our plumbing repair services have been serving the needs of Leslieville locals for a long time. The Toronto plumbing community recently reviewed us. TAS Plumbing offers emergency service and a warranty on all plumbing installations that lasts for life.


Leslieville Plumbers Direct provides a full range of plumbing services in Leslieville and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


TAS Plumbing is proud to provide the most comprehensive plumbing services in Leslieville. Our team of Leslieville plumbers has decades of experience, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to customer service that has never been seen before. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations at all times. This is how we ensure that our work and customer satisfaction live up to our name as one of the most reputable plumbing companies in the city.


Why Choose Us? 

We show up on time for every job we take on. We only leave once the job is done and don’t put other jobs ahead of yours once we’ve taken them on. TAS Plumbing has reliable and skilled plumbers to handle any plumbing job, big or small. Whether your pipes are clogged or leaking or you need more comprehensive replacement projects, TAS Plumbing can help.


Our plumbers are licensed and insured.

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We’ve been in this business for a long time, so we’ve seen what can happen when you send the wrong people to do the job. Plumbing is a challenging profession; even something simple, such as unclogging a drain, can require a plumber’s skills. Still, you might be tempted to hire a “handyman” like a friend of a friend or a neighbour with some experience.


Although you might save money by hiring someone who just claims to be an expert, you will frequently pay more in the long run. You will need to pay someone to resolve the issue. With TAS Plumbing, you’ll get the correct answer the first time, saving you both money and time. 


If an accident happens on your property, we’ll pay for it. Our insurance plans protect our staff as well as your home and issues.


Our Plumbing Services in Leslieville:

Bathroom Renovation leslieville ON



We like to believe that we understand our clients’ different needs. We only use the most advanced industry-leading tools and hire experienced plumbers to give Leslieville the best customer service.


Whether it’s a new plumbing repair, an emergency, or a consultation for a home, our dedicated team works 24/7. All of our Leslieville plumbers have professional licenses that have been checked. They work with the latest plumbing technology to ensure reliability and trustworthiness. We care about your time and money, so we always finish jobs on time and make sure you’re happy with our plumbers.


Give us a call at (4163031432) or Send us an email at tasplumbing04@gmail.com to find out more about how we can help you with your upcoming plumbing work.