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The Annex is a neighborhood in downtown Toronto that is mainly made up of housing for university students and staff. Many fraternities are based here. Because of how the area is made up, most people there are well-educated middle-class people. So, the average family income in The Annex is much higher than that for the greater Toronto area. 


The area looks wealthy because most of the homes are Victorian and Edwardian from the turn of the 20th century, and the streets are lined with trees and have an old-world feel. The population density of this neighborhood is ten times that of Greater Toronto.  As you might expect from a famous university neighborhood, The Annex’s social and cultural scene is always busy. 


There are many restaurants and shops here, and most of them stay open late. West Annex, which used to be called Seaton Village, has a different vibe. There are a lot of smaller, single-family homes there, and many young parents take their kids to the famous Vermont Square Park. Catherine O’Hara, Norman Elder, and Ken Finkleman are all famous people who used to live in the Annex. 

Plumbing Services in the Annex

Most of the people who live in The Annex are college students, so TAS Plumbing gets a lot of calls (416 303 1432) to fix plumbing issues. When you assemble young people and old plumbing systems (built before 1900), you get unique service requests that skilled professionals should only take care of.


Thankfully the TAS Plumbing team has worked on many old water lines before. We are often asked to service, fix, or replace Kitec pipes, especially original pipes that have never been upgraded. You need the  Annex plumber with years of specialized knowledge and commercial-grade tools to finish these jobs. 


The Annex Plumber: Expert Plumbing Services

TAS Plumbing launched in Toronto more than 20 years ago. Alex Trifunov, who started our company, is very interested in offering fast, high-quality services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). TAS Plumbing has been working in Toronto and its many neighborhoods, where we have won the respect of the people who live there. 

The Annex Plumbing, Ontario
The Annex Plumbing

Our emergency service is the most popular. People in the Annex area have called (416 303 1432) our plumbers so many times to fix problems in the middle of the night that we can’t keep track. No matter your plumbing needs, you can count on the experts at TAS Plumbing to help you in a friendly and skilled way every day of the year. 


When you contact us, you can be sure you’ll get the best, fastest, and most reliable service on the market. TAS Plumbing only uses the most modern, high-quality tools and methods, and we promise to stay on a job until the problem is fixed and the work is done.


Contact us today to talk to a representative and have one of our pros help you with Kitec pipe replacement, faucet repair, broken pipes, or any other emergency plumbing repair.