6 Best Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing For Winter

There’s nothing like winter in Toronto- cold weather, warm clothing, hot drinks, and turning up the heat. There are a few things you should address before you can fully enjoy Canadian winters.  this article is going to teach you how to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing For Winter.


Preparing your house for the season, particularly with regard to the plumbing system, is one of the biggest obstacles. There is no denying that winters in Canada can be harsh. 


However, even though the harsh weather can be detrimental to homeowners, there are ways to prepare for it and limit the damage such harsh weather could do.


In the winter, plumbing can suffer from long, cold temperatures. A few simple tips can ensure that your plumbing and home are ready for whatever the Canadian winter throws at them. When preparing your home for winter, keep this winter plumbing checklist handy. 


Your House’s Exterior

Prepare the exterior of your house for the cold weather. It is important to keep garden hoses away from hose bibs to prevent water from being trapped. As a result, the pipes are protected from freezing and damage. Before storing your hose, you should drain any remaining water. In addition, if you have sprinklers set up, you should turn them off. If you need assistance, seek expert assistance. 


Make sure your house is leak-free.

pipe leak

Do you want to avoid dealing with some major issues as soon as the temperatures drop? Check outside and inside your home for leaks in all exposed pipes.  The following guide can help you when you find a leaky pipe and need to fix it on your own. Additionally, you should check for leaks inside insulated pipes.

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Make sure all pipes are insulated.

In order to prevent pipes from bursting due to freezing, ensure all exposed pipes are well insulated. A pipe can be quickly insulated by wrapping it in insulation foam. It is also important to ensure that your pipes are adequately insulated to save energy. It would be best if you also located the main water valve. You can reduce the damage caused by water emergencies by turning off this valve. 


Before winter, take these additional precautions.

To prevent frozen pipes, make sure to keep your garage doors closed (especially if your garage contains water supply lines). You should be aware of the pipes that are most at risk of freezing, such as those located in unheated spaces such as attics, basements, garages, etc.


When pipes are at risk of freezing, you can, with caution, use a space heater to keep them warm (note: space heaters should not be used in bathrooms). 


Stay warm

Last but not least, keep your house warm. Your pipes will remain functional if you keep your house warm, just as they did during the summer. 


Plumbing For Winter: What You Should Do

In order to properly winterize your house, there are several matters to keep in mind. Our team of licensed plumbers at TAS Plumbing can provide the best solution. 

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This article answered the question of how to Prepare Your Home’s Plumbing For Winter by highlighting several methods.  Get in touch with us for the best solutions.