What Is Kitec Plumbing and How Does It Work

Plumbing is an integral part of our daily lives. Yet it’s often taken for granted until an issue arises. From a leaky faucet to a clogged drain or a malfunctioning water heater, plumbing problems can quickly disrupt our routines and cause unnecessary stress. That’s where Kitec Plumbing comes in. In today’s ever-evolving world, staying informed about the importance of professional plumbing services and their benefits to your home or business is crucial. In this article, we will explore what is kitec plumbing, all things related to plumbing, and how we provide our Kitec plumbing.


What is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec Plumbing is a system commonly used in residential and commercial buildings from the 1995s to the early 2005s. It was marketed as an alternative to copper pipes and was famous for its ease of installation and lower cost. 


Type of Kitec Plumbing

Kitec Plumbing is a specific brand and type of plumbing system that incorporates Kitec pipes and fittings. A distinguishing characteristic of Kitec plumbing systems is their composition, typically comprising flexible plastic pipes containing an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of plastic. These innovative pipes were employed for various purposes, including facilitating hot and cold water supply lines and serving heating systems. As we know about what is kitec plumbing, there are three types of Kitec plumbing systems includes:

  • Kitec Pipes
  • Kitec Fittings
  • Color Coding


1. Kitec Pipes

Kitec pipes are made of a composite material consisting of flexible plastic pipes with an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of plastic. These pipes were used for hot and cold water supply lines and heating systems.


2. Kitec Fittings

Kitec fittings are the connectors used to join Kitec pipes together. They are typically made of brass or a brass-like material. They are made to ensure the pipes are connected securely and won’t leak. 


3. Color Coding

Most Kitec plumbing systems use color-coded pipes to tell the difference between the pipes for hot and cold water. Most of the time, hot water pipes are orange, and cold water pipes are blue. 


Does Kitec plumbing need to be replaced?

Does Kitec Pipes should be replaced?

The general recommendation is to replace Kitec plumbing systems due to their associated issues and concerns. Kitec plumbing has a history of corrosion and degradation over time, which can lead to leaks and potential damage to the building. There has been a class-action lawsuit related to Kitec plumbing, resulting in settlements for affected property owners. The settlements typically compensate for the replacement of Kitec plumbing systems and related damages. 


While not all Kitec plumbing systems may experience problems, the potential risks are significant enough that many homeowners and building owners proactively replace their Kitec plumbing to avoid future issues and potential water damage. If you suspect your property has Kitec plumbing, consult our professional plumbing expert. We can assess the plumbing system’s condition, evaluate the risks, and provide guidance on the best course of action. We recommend replacing the Kitec plumbing with a more reliable and durable method, such as copper, PEX, or PVC pipes.


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Are Kitec and PEX plumbing the same?

Are Kitec and PEX plumbing the same?

No, Kitec plumbing and PEX plumbing are not the same. While they are both plumbing systems, they have distinct differences in materials, construction, and performance. Kitec plumbing utilizes a composite pipe consisting of flexible plastic pipes with an aluminum layer sandwiched between two layers of plastic. This design was intended to provide both strength and flexibility. However, Kitec plumbing has been associated with corrosion and degradation issues over time, leading to potential leaks and failures.


On the other hand, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) plumbing is a different type of plumbing system that has gained popularity in recent years. PEX pipes are made from a durable and flexible plastic material. They are constructed by cross-linking polyethylene molecules, which enhances their strength, resistance to freezing and bursting, and overall longevity. PEX plumbing systems have several advantages, including flexibility for easier installation, resistance to corrosion, and tolerance for high temperatures and pressures. PEX pipes can be used for hot and cold water supply lines and have become famous for residential and commercial plumbing installations.


What is the issue with Kitec plumbing?

What is the issue with Kitec plumbing?

The primary issue with Kitec plumbing is its tendency to experience corrosion and degradation over time. The composite material used in Kitec pipes and fittings can react with water and certain minerals, leading to the breakdown of the pipe’s integrity. In light of these challenges, Kitec Plumbing has encountered a multitude of grievances and an ensuing class-action lawsuit. Consequently, many homeowners and building proprietors have opted to replace their Kitec plumbing systems to alleviate the associated hazards and forestall any potential harm. Corrosion and degradation in Kitec plumbing can result in several problems, including:


  • Leaks: The corrosion of Kitec pipes can cause small pinhole leaks or more significant ruptures in the plumbing system. These leaks can cause water damage, mold growth, and fixes that might be expensive. 


  • Reduced Water Flow: As the pipes corrode, the internal diameter of the pipes may decrease, leading to reduced water flow and poor water pressure in the affected areas.


  • Potential Health Concerns: There have been concerns about the interaction between the Kitec material and drinking water. While the long-term health effects are not fully understood, some individuals may worry about the potential for contaminants to leach into the water supply.


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What Are The Benefits of Kitec Plumbing?

What Are The Benefits of Kitec Plumbing?

When you choose us, you can have confidence in our expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering outstanding results. Experience the benefits of working with a trusted plumbing service provider by contacting TAS Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. Here are some key advantages of selecting our Kitec Plumbing:


Expertise and Unwavering Professionalism

Our team comprises highly skilled technicians who boast an extensive wealth of experience and possess profound knowledge of plumbing systems.


Reliable and Efficient Solutions

We know how important it is to have plumbing that works well. We strive to deliver solutions built to last, minimizing the chances of future issues and providing you with long-term peace of mind. Our focus on efficiency means we work diligently to optimize your plumbing system, reducing energy and water waste.


Comprehensive Range of Services

With an expansive spectrum of offerings, Kitec Plumbing takes pride in delivering unparalleled services tailored to meet your distinct plumbing needs. Our comprehensive range encompasses installations, repairs, diligent maintenance, and prompt emergency plumbing assistance. Whether a modest residential endeavor or an ambitious commercial venture, our seasoned professionals possess the adeptness and abundant resources necessary to execute it with utmost proficiency.


Quality Workmanship and Materials

We take pride in our craft and use only high-quality materials for every plumbing job. By adhering to strict quality standards, we ensure that your plumbing system operates at its best, providing reliable performance and durability.


Timely and Responsive Service

We fully comprehend the urgency of the matter, so we prioritize prompt response and expeditious action to address your plumbing needs. Be it an emergency or a pre-arranged appointment, our commitment remains unwavering to be there precisely when you need us. 


Transparent Pricing and Fair Estimates

We believe in transparency and fairness. We provide clear and detailed pricing information and accurate estimates for our services. You can trust that our pricing is competitive and reflects the quality and value we deliver.


Customer Satisfaction

Now you know what is kitec plumbing. So your contentment reigns supreme as our unwavering objective. We wholeheartedly commit to bestowing unparalleled customer service, transcending the ordinary to fulfill your unique requisites. From the first consultation to the project’s culmination, we relentlessly endeavor to surpass your anticipations, forging a foundation of trust and earning your unwavering loyalty.


Why Choose Us?

We derive immense satisfaction from offering plumbing solutions that are both trustworthy and efficient. Our core mission revolves around safeguarding your plumbing system’s seamless and optimized functioning, mitigating the likelihood of future complications. By implementing industry-leading practices and utilizing top-notch materials, we pledge to furnish enduring outcomes that instill unwavering confidence in our services. Rest assured, when you entrust your plumbing needs to us. You can count on reliable and last methods, allowing you to depend on them without hesitation.



  • What is kitec plumbing & what types of plumbing services does TAS Plumbing offer?

TAS Plumbing offers comprehensive services, including plumbing installations, repairs, maintenance, drain cleaning, water heater services, pipe replacements, and emergency plumbing assistance. We take care of both home and business water needs. 


  • Do your plumbers have insurance and a license?

Yes, every member of our esteemed plumbing team is a licensed professional with a wealth of expertise and extensive training from years of experience in the field. We understand the paramount importance of proficiency and competence, so we only employ individuals with exceptional skill and mastery. 


  • Do we offer any warranties on our services?

Yes, we guarantee the quality of our craft and materials. We provide warranties for our services to give our customers peace of mind. Specific warranty details will depend on the type of service offered, and our team will be happy to discuss warranty terms with you.


  • How can I request a service or schedule an appointment with TAS Plumbing?

Scheduling a service or appointment with TAS Plumbing is very easy. You can Call us (4163031432), email us, or use the form on our website to contact us. Our friendly customer service team will assist you in scheduling a convenient time for our plumbers to visit your location and address your plumbing needs.