How To Unclog Toilet With Poop

If you’ve even once experienced your toilet being clogged with poop, then you know the inconveniences that situation can be. So, this article here is going to teach you how to unclog toilet with poop.


No matter how careful you are while using your toilet, stubborn poop can still refuse to go away even after using the flush multiple times.


As this issue is getting quite frequent, I’ve come up with all the remedies to help you. So that you know what to do next time. Without making you wait more, let’s get started.


Why My Toilet Is Clogged With Poop:

Using too much tissue or toilet paper, not cleaning the toilet and flushing materials that are not supposed to go down the toilet can cause a clogged toilet with poop.


These situations are your fault. However, when you’re not even responsible, the toilet can be clogged as well. Why? Well, the reasons can be:

  • Build up of grease or soap scum.
  • The pipeline is damaged or cracked.
  • The sewer line, toilet trap, or vent is not working.
  • Your toilet model is older and has a low flow.


How To Unclog Toilet With Poop?

If you’re here reading this article I’m sure you must be suffering from something like toilet flushes but poop stays, right?


Well, not anymore. Because here are all the solutions that will teach you how to fix a clogged toilet with poop:


1. Use Toilet Brush:

Use a brush for unclog the toilet

The easiest way to unclog a toilet is to use a brush. Using the brush, force the poop to go in and then flush the toilet. However, this remedy will only work if the clog is simple, not for hard ones.


2. Use A Plunger:

Use A Plunger:

First, pour water into the bowl, and then by covering the hole of the toilet using the plunger, push and pull water.


First, push gently and then pull it in the same process. You must be patient and do it for at least 10 to 15 minutes.


After that, flush the toilet two to four times and your toilet will be unclogged. But always use the wide and rubber toilet plunger, not the smaller ones.


3. Use An Enzyme Waste Removal:

You’ll find products with enzymes that can liquify water materials. So, buy that product, put it into your toilet, and wait overnight. The clog will subside on its own.


4. Use Hanger As A Plunger Alternative:

In case you don’t have a toilet plunger at your home, you can use a metal hanger as an alternative.

Metal hangers that are coated with plastic, work in the same way as a plunger. However, to prevent your hands from getting dirty, use gloves before unclogging the toilet with a hanger. It works the same way as the plunger.


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5. Use The Mixture Of Vinegar And Baking Soda:

Mixture Of Vinegar And Baking Soda

No matter how much anyone wants to deny it, DIY ingredients are the best to solve household problems. So, if you’re planning to use liquid to unclog the toilet, these two ingredients can be used as a perfect solution.


Take a cup of vinegar and pour it down the toilet. You can add warm water as well. Keep doing it until the toilet stops creating bubbles. Then, flush and your toilet will be cleaned.


Another way is, to boil water and let it cool for a bit. Then, gradually add one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda. Then, pour the mixture into the toilet bowl. And let it stay there for the night. Flush the toilet the next day and you’ll see how clean your toilet has become.


However, if your toilet is not clogged yet and you hear vibration in the pipes while flushing, use this remedy immediately. This will help you prevent toilet clogging.


However, if you want to fasten the process, pour one-fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide and the toilet will be cleared up.


6. Take Help By Using A Toilet Auger:

As mentioned earlier, the toilet is often clogged because of using too much toilet paper or overuse. So, if you use a toilet auger, your work will be reduced ten times.


The toilet auger is also called a plumbing snake. Just buy a medium-sized auger and insert it into the drain through the toilet hole. It will help the clogged poop break into smaller pieces. Then, if you flush, the toilet will be cleaned.


7. Use Plastic Foil With Baking Soda Or Coca-Cola:

Whether you use baking soda or Coca-Cola, both can do wonders. However, Coca-Cola is much cheaper than the other option.


To unclog your toilet using baking soda and plastic foil, what you need to do is warm up some water. Let it cool down for a bit. Then, after adding baking soda to the water, pour the whole mixture down the toilet.


Wrap the toilet with plastic foil. If you’re in a hurry, remove the foil after 2-3 hours. However, if you keep it overnight, the result will be more beneficial. In both cases, the toilet will be unclogged after flushing.


Using Coca-Cola and plastic foil is easier. Pour a half-liter bottle into the toilet and wrap the toilet seat with plastic wrap. Wait for an hour. And then after unwrapping, flush the toilet and the poop will go away.


8. Put Boiling Water and Detergent together:

If your toilet is clogged because the pipes are clogged, then this remedy is what you need. Boil water and after one or two minutes of waiting, pour it down the toilet hole. Then, add two to three tablespoons of detergent. Wait for only twenty minutes. You’ll see the water is going down and the toilet is clearing up.


If you want to be double-sure, you can follow this method twice. And then push the flush button. You can do these things to get the poop out of your toilet. However, you can always use dish soap, or Saran wrap to create pressure by adding two layers of plastic wrap, household bleach, and commercial chemicals. But these methods mostly work on simple clogs. So, for hard clogs, use the methods I’ve mentioned here.


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Precautions To Avoid Toilet Clogs:

Precautions To Avoid Toilet Clogs

By following simple precautions, you can stop your toilet from being clogged frequently. The precautions are:


  • Always buy 1-ply toilet paper. Because 1-ply papers are thin.
  • Always remember not to flush sanitary, contraceptive, and non-biodegradable products through the toilet.
  • Never flush too much toilet paper at one time.
  • Every two months, call in a professional for a maintenance check of your toilet and pipes.
  • Always flush the toilet after using it. Do not wait to flush after using it multiple times.


If you follow the bits of advice, you won’t face toilet clogging as frequently as you do now.



Do I need to use gloves while unclogging my toilet?

Yes, as detergent, hydrogen peroxide, and many other toxic ingredients are used, you just use hand gloves.


How frequently should I do maintenance checks for my toilet?

Calling (4163031432) a professional every six months is completely fine if you want to do a maintenance check for your toilet.


Should I keep a backup toilet?

A toilet can be easily used for at least 25 years without any issues. So, if it’s not been that long, there’s no need to keep a backup.


Do I need to call a professional to unclog my toilet?

If a pipe, sewer line, or vent is not broken and needs to be replaced, there’s no need for a professional. A simple unclogging can be done at home by yourself.



This article answered the question of how to unclog toilet with poop by highlighting several methods of unclogging a toilet.


So, if you ever find yourself in this situation again, you’ll know what to do. Also, do not forget to take preventive measures to avoid toilet clogs frequently.